Zacrac helps individuals and organisations make better decision using data.
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Data Science and Analytics Training

It’s needless to say that data is the future, and the demand for data professionals like data analysts, data scientists, and engineers, would only increase as the years go by.

England College says that demand for data professionals is projected to grow by 26% by 2026, much quicker than average job growth. Gain a globally recognized certificate and stay relevant and in-demand. Learn how to carry out data analytics and visualization with tools like R, Python, MSExcel, Power Bi, Tableau, and others.

Irrespective of your level of exposure , career path, or academic background our training approach and programs, taught by highly experienced and certified tutors, plus hands-on training would make you a data champion. We are flexible in our mode of delivery; take courses online, blended learning, or at our training hubs.



Data don’t lie, but only the data you analyze. When your data sits there and does nothing, you are one step farther from gaining insights. Let your data work for you as we handle all of your data analysis tasks. Our Analytics-as-a-Service cuts across data analytics, data visualization and interpretation. We take your data and transform it into actionable insight.

We’d love to take the burden of hiring a data analyst or managing an analytics team off your shoulders. We let you focus on your core business while we periodically come for your data, clean it, carry out analytics and interpretation, and deliver insight reports.


Survey & Data Collection

Before you can make data-driven decisions, you need to first collect that data. Undoubtedly, data collection is first and most important step in data-driven decision making. For maximal result, the data collected must be from the proper sources, be free of bias and must come from diverse environments.

We are proficient in Online Surveys, Desk Research, face-to-face surveys, telephone surveys, among others. We help you ask the right questions the right way, and ensure your surveys are administered to the right audience, even hard-to-reach audience. There are lot of hassles involved in designing, administering, and collecting unbiased survey data, and that’s why you need us.


Data Entry

Studies show that “data entry is one of the most redundant and hated work place tasks” and one can only help but wonder why in this age of artificial intelligence, data mining and smart technologies, companies still carry out this task manually.

A lot of companies need to add raw data into databases, transcribe notes from meetings, and add sales figures into electronic formats. Whether piles of paper or online data, ZACRAC would turn your data into accessible, searchable and categorized data! our trained and experienced staff can tackle ANY amount of paper and digital information, no matter how disorganized it is


Market Research

Life would be easier if we could read the minds of our customers and know exactly what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. While we don’t have magic wands that automatically divulges people’s thoughts, we have the best market research techniques with which we collect and analyze data, and help you make insightful decision.

Discover the interests of your target market and turn those interests into high-potential opportunities. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and ace the marketplace. Whether you want to launch a new product, enter a new market, increase your effectiveness or you’re just curious about the next line of action, we would plot a successful trajectory for you with our research techniques.

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